MMS silent auction

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This year, in addition to corporate sponsorships, we have crafted a range of options for MMS families to provide financial support. Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 in sponsorships this year so that we can keep the momentum of this event as it grows and continues to be a premier international destination event for aviation, drone technology, robotics, and AI enthusiasts!


Much like at our Galas in years past, there are packages your family can bid on, including The Day in the Life video, front-row seats at the MMS Concerts for one year, a sleepover at MMS, and more. Or click the “Corporate Sponsorship” link to learn about high-value media visibility available for your business!



We are lucky at MMS to have a community that is always ready and willing to join our fundraising efforts, and we’re confident that you will help us succeed in this endeavor as well. Thank you for supporting the Ice Storm event and drone technology education for students across the country! 

The auction opens on April 20th at 3:00 pm! Click here to register! Take a look below to see the packages offered and start your wish list.  

Day in the life video

bidding STARTs AT $2,500

Get a behind-the-scenes look into your child’s day at MMS, complete with interviews from their teachers and friends! This cherished and highly sought-after documentary of your child’s MMS experience promises to be a joy to your entire family.    “A Day in the Life of Your Child” is offered to families enrolled for the 2023 – 2024 school year at MMS and is shot and edited by our professional photographer and videographer, Roger Gonzalez, from May – December 2023. Because Roger is a seasoned videographer, athletic coach, and former MMS teacher, he can capture moments in the school day that parents never get to see! The finished video will be at least 15 minutes and will include footage of your child in their classroom, specials, and even recess and after-school clubs, giving you a survey of what it’s like to have the high-quality life your child experiences in our school each day!   

front row mms concert seats

bidding starts at $1,000

Scoop up these two front-row concert seats for full a year of MMS performances!


The way you think of concert days will change entirely with these preferred seats; no more rushing to grab a spot by the field house doors before 8:00 am – you can stroll in as Ms. Van Aken begins her fire safety and “no standing” speech. The real treat, of course, is the view you’ll get of your student! You won’t miss any more adorable faces or Mr. Lane’s perfectly choreographed dance moves.


bidding starts at $500

Would you know what to do if you were dropped in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes on your back and maybe a knife? If you’re an urban dweller like most of us, you’ve likely pondered this fear/fantasy and wondered how you might fare without society’s lifeline. Well, so has David Swanson, and he’s ready to teach you the skills you need to survive in the wilderness. 


Mr. Swanson will press you and four of your adult friends to survive a night in the wild, finding shelter, food, and potable water. This adventure will have you sleeping under the stars, starting your own fires, and getting lost/found again. Although only an overnight course, you’ll learn the skills needed to survive in the wilderness through team-oriented missions like taking a night hike, learning how to camouflage yourself, and finding your beer after Mr. Swanson has hidden it (possibly) in the lake.

traditional indian dinner party

bidding starts at $250

Planning for a party can be stressful. Many people get overwhelmed by deciding what to cook, which dishes pair well, which appetizers to serve, and what drinks to offer. Whether planning a Diwali party or a casual get-together, these experts will help you craft a five-course menu for eight guests, accounting for your preferences and dietary restrictions. Then, once you select your menu, they will make the dishes and deliver them to your door just in time for your party.

classical pet portrait

bidding starts at $150

We know our pets are worthy of reverence, and now you can honor them in a classically styled portrait! Is your good boy a little Napoleon leading armies into battle, or a fluffy Beethoven creating the next famous symphony? See your vision realized by MMS art teacher and professional artist Ian Anastas.  All you have to do is send our resident creative genius a clear, high-resolution photo of your fur-baby and tell him the style you’d like to see them painted in. Be as specific (“Use THIS portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale from 1800”) or general (“Make her look like a tiny French aristocrat) as you like, and Mr. Anastas will create a digital work of art using Photoshop, with tone and textures manipulated to look like a painting in the style of the great masters. *Recipients will receive a professionally printed poster-sized image and a high-resolution digital copy. 


zoo trip with mrs. wijenayake

bidding starts at $100

Spending time with their teachers outside of school is one of the most thrilling propositions you can give a child, which is why Mrs. Wijenayake is offering a guided tour of the Milwaukee County Zoo for four students, K5 and older!  This special two-hour trip with Mrs. Wijenayake (who has a shocking knowledge of reptiles and snakes) will give students a chance to not only see the animals in their natural habitat, but also help them to understand the importance of protecting our environment to keep those habitats safe and secure. While learning more about the animals and ecosystems we need to protect, students will also build a closer bond with their classroom teacher. 

dungeons and dragons with mr. riggs

$125 per person, two parties available

Explore dungeons! Slay dragons! Break bread with trolls! Steal gold without going to jail! Dungeons and Dragons lets you live out the experience of a lifetime! 

Ben Riggs, our Junior High humanities teacher, is a D&D historian extraordinaire who published a book of D&D history last year which landed 8th best of all history and biography books on Goodreads. So it’s safe to say, this is a guy you want as your Dungeon Master. 



He’s offering TWO game nights you won’t forget, where six players meet at MMS, eat pizza, gorge on candy or drink beer (depending on age) and relish in four hours of gaming bliss. 


In addition to these majestic meetings, Mr. Riggs will also raffle off an autographed copy of his book for one lucky player!




Adult party is 21 and older, and the student party is 12 and older. 


princess party appearance


bidding starts at $100

A princess stopping by your birthday party is quite literally a dream come true for some of our students. Now imagine that the princess is ALSO your teacher. Mind. Blown. 


Ms. Eliza Lambert moonlights as a professional princess and will make an appearance at your party as either Anna, Elsa, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora, Belle, or even Ariel; it’s up to the birthday kid! Ms. Lambert will host a meet and greet, take photos with partygoers, sing a song or two, and if there is time left, apply glitter tattoos or face painting, making this magical day one to remember.

audubon tour with ms. sullivan

bidding starts at $100

The best way to experience the abundance of nature in Milwaukee is to hike the trails with a naturalist, like our very own Cece Sullivan! Ms. Sullivan is offering her knowledge of Wisconsin’s wild flora and fauna for this adventure, where four children will join her on a personalized tour of Schlitz Audubon. Alongside Ms. Sullivan, your child and their guests will explore the habitat of migratory birds, climb the 60-foot observation tower, and head over to Mystery Lake which has a boardwalk that lets you get up close and personal with the frogs and turtles, all while learning about the nature that makes our city unique! 

family caricature

bidding starts at $100

We all have boring family portraits, but how many of us have one that is a completely original work of art with a zany, cartoony twist? Just supply Mr. Ian Anastas with a good, clear family portait (pets welcome!) and he will create a unique and finely crafted work of art, rich with humor and warmth that your family will cherish forever. *Recipients will receive a professionally printed and framed image as well as a digital high-resolution copy.

thrifting adventure with ms. zander

$75 per person, 6 spots available

Thrifting is quickly becoming a favorite way to push back against the waste of fast fashion. What better gift could you give to the planet than to breathe new life into clothing and goods that would otherwise overcrowd a landfill?


However, beginning your thrifty lifestyle can be intimidating and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!  All it takes are great instincts, a decent amount of patience, and some solid intel, which Jayme Zander is offering to six willing students who are dying for some fashion upgrades to their wardrobes. Once the shopping is complete, Ms. Zander will walk the students to Collectivo where they will dish over their finds with frothy drinks and tasty snacks until their parents arrive to fetch them. A solid Saturday of shopping! 

image (1)

autographed ice storm hoodie

bidding starts at $50

It wouldn’t be a real auction without some fierce bidding on the only Ice Storm hoodie with the autographs of every pilot attending! Truly priceless! And cool!

sign up parties!

pokemon party - mms overnight

$75 per student, 12 spots available

Eating candy, running in the halls, and trading Pokémon cards are not allowed at MMS… except at this memorable sleepover!  Our in-house Pokemom, Catherine Lee, will host this overnight party for 12 Lower and Upper El boys at MMS! The party starts at 6 pm with the smashing of a Pokémon piñata, and chomping hot pizza, trading Pokémon cards, and a scampering scavenger hunt for card packs are all on the agenda. When it’s time to change into Pokémon pj’s, we’ll settle in for a Pokémon movie and popcorn before falling asleep in the classroom.  Once morning arrives, these trainers-in-training will enjoy a light breakfast before their 8 am (sharp) pickup. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to party with Pikachu and pals!

bowling party with mrs. sundquist

$75 per student, 10 spots available

Whether you’re a novice bowler or a total pro, bowling offers fun competition, and anyone, regardless of age, gets excited when they see their ball knock down those pins! MMS’ resident professional bowler (seriously! She’s going to state!) Katie Sundquist and her lovely assistant Allison Olivent are offering a 90-minute bowling party for 10 students. Bowlers will eat pizza for lunch, cupcakes for dessert, and receive a custom t-shirt to immortalize the occasion. What else could you ask for?!

sorcery soiree with ms. gorecki

$100 per student, 6 spots available

Six students will live out their wizarding dreams at this sorcery soiree for six students, third grade and up who want to don their magical cloaks, craft an enchanted wand out of wood and glittering materials, and learn the ancient alchemy for magic potions that change colors and fascinate the mind. Students will also make a homespun personalized bunting crest or “family flag”, and if there is time left, make a broom with which to fly back home!

ms. jones' and ms. sadler's bakeshop

$75 per student, 12 spots available

Leslie Jones and Hannah Sadler are not only fantastic MMS Faculty members, but they also happen to be skillful bakers! Ms. Jones and Ms. Sadler have come together to share their baking talents and tricks with 12 students in the MMS kitchen for a special baking workshop. During this Saturday morning meeting, students will each bake a loaf of bread and whip up some flavored butter for the perfect finishing touch. Not sweet enough for you? Students will also learn the secret shortbread cookie recipe that Ms. Jones and Ms. Sadler rarely share! This two-hour workshop will be as challenging as it is fun!

bingo with mrs. basaldua

$15 per student, unlimited spots!

What’s the best way to practice your letters and numbers? Bingo night with Mrs. Basaldua and Mrs. Repikova! Join us on May 19, 2023, after school from 3:30 to 5:00 pm for a rousing game of competitive Bingo complete with excellent prizes from books, to stickers, ridiculous toys, and even some posters. Then enjoy a pizza dinner and quality time with Mrs. Basaldua and Mrs. Repikova. This evening is for students (and parents) who are crazy about Bingo and their teachers. 

the auction opens on april 20th at 3:00 pm!