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Connect with the creative, cutting-edge, tech-savvy, higher-education-oriented, Drone Racing community in the greater Milwaukee area by supporting the 2024 Ice Storm Drone Racing Competition!

Benefits of Sponsorship

If you seek exposure within the youthful, tech-savvy, higher-education-oriented sector in the greater Milwaukee area and beyond, the MMS Ice Storm Drone Racing Competition 2024 is a great way to invest your sponsorship dollars.

As the fastest-growing sport in the world, drone racing brings together technological innovation and fast-paced competition, and the Milwaukee Montessori School-sponsored professional Ice Storm Drone Racing Competition held indoors at Milwaukee’s Pettit National Ice Center is “one of the most important races of the season” with the “best pilot lineup in history,” according to Multi GP, the largest professional Drone Racing League in the world.

Ice Storm Sponsorships get noticed!

The live-stream of the 2023 Ice Storm produced 11,668,366 impressions from area viewers and readers including 34 TV stories, 10 TV live shots, 11 posts from global drone-race influencers, articles in the Waukesha Freeman and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a live radio spot on WTMJ 620, and coverage on Yahoo News that reached more than 251.5 million online viewers.