2023 ice storm winners

And the Winners are...

open class pro

1st Place: MCKFPV (MinChan Kim)

2nd Place: Noical (Beckett Verrilli)

3rd Place: Hyper (Mason Lively)

tiny trainer pro

1st Place: Enginair (Patrick White)

2nd Place: The Milkman (Tony Bracco)

3rd Place: EthanFPV (Ethan Kling)

open class next

1st Place: gMan (Max Heiligman) 

2nd Place: geordil (Dave Swartz)

3rd Place: BonesE (Josh Willms)

tiny trainer next

1st Place: SethPV (Seth Griggs)

2nd Place: TBell (Brett Worrell)

3rd Place: Free (Mark Huff)